Creating uniqueness into Home Decor when placing any of these items as a mantelpiece decor, as a table top decoration or in any place of your home on it's own, as well as, to match with our wall art collection.

The modern design which will stand out in any space they occupy. The colour combination and the factor of using colour into these items contributes to creating a balanced home environment increasing comfort and mental wellbeing.

Be prepared to create an instantly eye-catching effect due to its beautiful colours and amazing hand finish touch!

Each item has a touch of uniqueness, not only because of the nature of the material used but also due to be hand sanded and hand finished.

It is environmental friendly, so you will have the pleasure of having a totally stand out product which will call the attention of everyone who will visit you but also the joy of contributing to the environment.

Check our shop for all the items! Hope you love them as much as we do!


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