Materials & Colours

Wood Art Shop designs and creates sculpted wall art decor using an innovative wood fibre material with a choice of 10 colours. It is applied a stunning high glossy finish to the wall art. For finishing style information please check our dedicated section Finish Style.

Each wall art is sculpted using Valchromat material which is an unique and high quality wood fibre board that is coloured throughout.

Valchromat is an environmental friendly non-toxic substance made from recycled pine wood and mil waste. Valchromat panels are manufactured using waste wood such as branches and chips from softwood forests. In using waste wood Valchromat helps to sustain forests and minimise carbon emissions.

Also the carcinogenic odourless chemical gas known as formaldehyde which is found in the wood fibre bonding resins is absent in Valchromat where a special organic non-toxic wood fibre bonding resin is used making it safe to be around by everyone including children.

As characteristics, Valchromat is moisture resistant, strong and ecological.

It is also approved by the British Standards Association.

The choice of colour materials are given below:

Wood Art Shop Colour Palette: black, violet, yellow, green, chocolate, blue, light grey, red, grey, orange, purple, brown


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