Elysian Collection

Elysian Collection was created through love and passion for wall art.

The collection as a whole was born with the sense for each art piece to have the power to transmit a vision and spiritual meaning.

This is achieved through the unique interlock relationship between each individual design representation powerfully connected to colour.

Each piece on this collection was carefully designed aimed to provide wall art decor with meaning that stand and live forever.

The Elysian Collection is a total of 14 different designs carved in coloured wood, each blended with different colour combinations. 




Helios 3D wall art represents a new sun, a new restart.

The geometric design representation mixed with this colour combination guides to a comfort warm psychological state filling up your inner strength with energy.

Be your own sun in life, let your light shine!






Harmonia 3D wall art represents harmony in life, the self-love gradient is transmitted by the green layer.

It symbolises growth and freshness.

Everything in life is conducted by a gradual process. Living in harmony with the universe, makes you live in harmony with yourself.

This seems to be the great principle of harmony in the universe.




Selene 3D wall art represents the moon giving you a feeling of serenity and faith.

Purple colour emphasises it's potential in love and eternity.

It is so important for maintaining both spiritual equilibrium & awakening.





Athena 3D wall art symbolises wisdom and strategy which are key in life.

The interconnection between the 3D geometric design and colour it radiates a calm peaceful feeling mixed with harmony and serenity.





Hestia 3D wall art plays an extremely important role over the energies over hearth and home.

It's energy is mainly to guard and maintain a happy home.

The 3D geometric design blended with this specific combination invigorates, soothes, inspires and even helps relax.




Maia is such an elegant and powerful 3D wall art.

It represents union of forces as is the mother of life.

The black path aims to join energies together balancing our inner peace.






Poseidon 3D wall art represents power.

Moreover, through this specific 3D geometric design and colours it's added the capability to sooth the mind.

The 3D wall art representation possesses the power to manipulate, storm and exerting a variety of good outcomes into our lives.




Zeus 3D wall art represents heaven and earth.

Influencing therefore two of the most important forces of the universe.

It represents protection from evil energies, fighting and dispensing the good.

Zeus the 3D wall art protector!





Rhea 3D wall art represents new beginnings.

Life curves and lines which re-shapes our paths in life sending us into the correct pathways.

It has the power to inspire creativity and symbolises success allowing fresh redirection and birth of our inner strength.



Apollo 3D wall art represents all aspects if civilisation and order.

It transmits such positivity filled with light, healing and truth.

The design representation and colour combination transmits its intensity and strength giving a comforting calming feeling.






Eros 3D wall art essence is love and personification of passion.

The 3D geometric representation combined with this specific colours aim to stimulate feeling, energise and diffuse security.





 Cronus 3D wall art is the guardian of time forces in the universe.

 It gives such serenity and faith, at same time that calms our spirits & soul.

 Cronus 3D wall art the guardian!





Iris 3D wall art represents life filled with a rainbow of colour, happiness and joy.

A vision of life and a messenger to the purity state of mind helping to achieve the highest level of optimism.

Allows a dearer path for the conscious to the spiritual self.




Gaia 3D wall art is the pure representation of Mother Earth.

The wall art transmits nature's energy key for spiritual meditation.

This peaceful meditation and spirituality is meant to produce relaxation.

The beautiful geometric design and colour combination gives a feeling of joy and stability.




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