Customised Work

We proudly offer a custom bespoke service providing a choice of designs in a selection of sizes, finishes and colours. We create unique wall art specialised customised to you.

Wood Art Shop designs and creates wooden wall art for both Residential and Commercial ventures, such as, hotels, restaurants, offices, pubs and many more.

We Carve Your Vision!

We offer two different bespoke services:

- Modified design to our wall artwork

- Bespoke from scratch - i.e. Completely new designs


Modified designs to our wall artwork

If you would like one of our wall art designs but want to change size, colours to bigger or smaller &/or even change the finishing style we can do that for you.

Please be aware that changing sizes may cause the design to differ slightly. However, we would always do our best to keep it as close to the original as possible. However, this always adds a touch of uniqueness to your art piece!

You can add to imagination of your wall art, as we can also split a design into 2, or 3 separate panels, creating a duo or a triplet layout.

If is just colours you would like adjusting, this can be requested straight on adding a wall art to cart and at checkout of our shop.

Please note that extend modifications into our wall art may give raise to a price change. In this case, we would provide you with a free of charge quote. 

Otherwise or alternatively you can contact us at


Bespoke from scratch - Completely new designs

We can create any design you wish and require. We aim for you to receive exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, we work together with you on ideas, as well as, with images, drawings to make sure we accomplished what you envisage through our design and carving techniques.

During the consultation phase (service provided free of charge) we will discuss various requirements as sizes, colours, styles, designs, finishing styles, basically all your specifications.

Only after we have all these information we can provide you with a non-obrigation quotation free of charge.

Timing of production to delivery will depend on all your requirements, as well as, complexity of work. However, we will always keep you updated at all times.

Below is described the process for our custom bespoke service and you can contact is directly with your requirements below or directly to our email


Custome Work Process



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