Christmas it's the most wonderful time of the year! Our sweet style wooden decorations make the ideal keepsake for anyone's Christmas tree, as well as, decorating around the house giving to it a beautiful Christmas spirit.

Each decoration is carefully cut from 8mm wood material, hand sanded, hand painted and a oil satin layer applied as hand finished product. To make it extra special we have added to it either a gold or silver sparkle creating the perfect magical Christmas.

Each decoration comes ready to hand with a jingle and a lush satin ribbon in either red, silver sparkle, gold sparkle or forest green colour. A beautiful memento to cherish each Christmas.

Please note: As wood is a raw natural product, some of the wood grain and colour, may vary slightly from the pictures, or from item to item, as no 2 pieces of wood are the same.

Differences could be light or dark coloured areas, the grain could be more prominent, or very small knots. We do not consider any of these a fault in the quality, but rather a reflection of the natural beauty of the raw wood (Valchromat) we use.

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