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About Us

At Wood Art Shop we offer you our expertise, dedication and creativity. Our team is dedicated in designing and creating stunning stylish modern 3D coloured wooden wall art delivering a spectacular visual effect impossible to resist.

Our range of art work collections contains a series of designs carefully created to bring unique effects combined with a dazzling finish. Our art work as all is unique and not seen anywhere else.

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What We Do

Exquisite is what we excel at. Our distinctive beautiful eye-catching 3D coloured wall art collections are made with multi-layers of an innovative product that combines the natural features of wood with the brightness of colours.

We offer both artwork ready to order from our extensive 3D coloured wall art collection but also offer custom bespoke service. We focus on modern designs, our versatility and creativity recreate your vision of the space you desire.

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How It Works

Our extensive range of artwork is typically made to order, but we also offer a custom bespoke service.

Wood Art Shop delivers you our artwork straight to your door as full package! It is guaranteed to be ready to hang as each wall art comes with suitable mounting solution.

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